Tuition Billing and Payments Solution

Save time, reduce paperwork, and collect payments faster with convenient automated billing!

With the all new Montessori Compass Billing & Payments solution, schools can spend more time following the child and less time chasing down payments from busy parents! This simple, yet powerful tool enables administrators to create custom programs for tuition, extended care, meals, field trips, etc.  Send paperless invoices directly to parents and accept secure online payments (credit card or bank transfer). Recurring, auto-pay feature ensures that both the school and parents know exactly when the next payment will be made.  Track online and paper payments in one centralized system, ensuring that your school billing is always up-to-date. Low 0.25% transaction fee (with a minimum of $0.99/transaction) and funds can be distributed to your account without delay, in as little as 24 hours!


The MC Billing & Payments solution is available to both new and current Montessori Compass customers. For more information, please contact us.