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Montessori Compass Introduces New Montessori Research Initiative

The Montessori Compass Collaborative Research Initiative provides a unique opportunity to support much needed research on Montessori education in a wide variety of school environments across the country. The goal of the initiative is to examine Montessori student progress through the curriculum by age level. This work is being accomplished through a collaboration with researchers from a wide range of backgrounds, including AMS, AMI, and the Montessori Foundation. In addition, the project has the approval of the University of Kansas Human Subjects Committee to ensure that legal and ethical requirements have been met to protect the safety of all research participants. All data analyzed by the research team will be anonymous because the records will contain no personally identifying information for either students or schools as set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (53 FR 11943).

Participation is easy! Teachers simply continue to utilize Montessori Compass to observe and track student progress. The only additional requirement is for a school administrator and classroom teachers to complete a brief, 5-10 minute, online survey describing the characteristics of the school and classrooms.

If your school would like to opt-in to this exciting research initiative, please CLICK HERE.