Montessori English Language Arts: Common Core State Standards Mapping


English Language Arts Standards in Montessori Compass

The Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten through Grade 6 can be viewed from within Montessori Compass. The database is easily searchable and simply clicking on a standard displays all of the measurable learning objectives (elements) that have been mapped to the standard. In the example to the right, a Kindergarten Language Standard for Vocabulary Acquisition & Use is displayed. There are over 30 elements in the Scope and Sequence that map to this standard. Any time one of the mapped 30 elements is documented for a student, the corresponding standard is documented as well.




Language Arts Elements in Montessori Compass

The Montessori Scope and Sequence outlines specific measurable learning objectives for individual lessons. These measurable learning objectives facilitated a highly precise mapping with the Common Core Standards. While every single CC Standard is met in a comprehensive manner, by the Montessori Scope and Sequence, the same is not true in the reverse; that is, many of the defined learning objectives in the Montessori Scope and Sequence are not reflected in the CC Standards. Within Montessori Compass, it is possible to click on an element and see mapped standards (if any are present).


Viewing English Language Arts Common Core Standards Mapping Online

The Language Arts Common Core Standard Mappings with the Montessori Scope and Sequence are displayed on the spreadsheet with the same organization as within MC. Although the standards from Kindergarten through Grade 6 are displayed in their entirety within Montessori Compass, the spreadsheet below displays the standards mapped for Kindergarten, Grade 3 and Grade 6.  

The viewer contains controls to help you better navigate the S&S. The 4 horizontal lines = Table of Contents, Magnifying Glass = Search, and the Square on right = Full-Screen.

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