Montessori Scope and Sequence Mapped to the Common Core Standards

Montessori Foundation

The Montessori Compass team is pleased to provide a sophisticated and comprehensive alignment to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Developed in collaboration with Tim Seldin and the Montessori Foundation team, this alignment is the first of its kind to demonstrate how a robust Montessori Scope & Sequence aligns to the defined Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics from Kindergarten through Grade 6.

While the concept of the Common Core remains a very controversial topic amongst the leadership in the Montessori Community (the Montessori Foundation is among that leadership that does not advocate for externally-mandated standards), it is a reality that must be addressed. Our goal with this collaboration was to develop the necessary combination of a sophisticated alignment along with a technological solution that will enable guides in the classroom to remain focused on the Montessori Method, without any concern for standards.

What makes this alignment particularly unique are the measurable learning objectives (elements) that we utilized in the Montessori Scope & Sequence. It was the very comprehensive nature of the Montessori Scope & Sequence that made it possible to map out a truly elegant alignment to the Common Core. Associating a loosely defined relationship between a simplistic list of Montessori classroom materials and defined standards is simply inadequate and inaccurate. This alignment takes into account the very specific measurable learning objective that the child was engaged in during his/her work time and maps that precise activity to the appropriate standard(s). The end result is an accurate alignment based upon meaningful classroom data that demonstrates the many strengths of the Montessori approach to education.

In addition to exceeding the objectives we set forth with our collaboration, some very intriguing insights have also emerged that may represent a unique opportunity for Montessori to gain greater attention in the public sector. For example, the common practice of introducing squares and square roots at the Upper Elementary level, results in Montessori students meeting some of the defined Mathematics standards as much as 4 years ahead of their traditionally educated counterparts. This has all been taken into account with our alignment.

We are providing the Kindergarten, Grade 3, and Grade 6 Common Core Alignments in both English Language Arts and Mathematics for free to the Montessori community. Montessori Compass subscribers will have access to 7 years of Common Core Alignments (Kindergarten through Grade 6). In addition, cross curricular as well as cross-grade level alignment has been taken into account. That means work a student completes in other areas of the Montessori classroom such as Sensorial, Practical Life, History, or Geography have been aligned to meet a related standard in either English Language Arts or Mathematics. Works that a Montessori student completes in a cycle year that is ahead of traditional "Grade-level" in the context of the Common Core is also accurately aligned.

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