The Montessori Foundation Scope & Sequence

montessori foundationMontessori Compass is excited to announce that as of April 1, 2013, the Montessori Foundation Scope and Sequence will become the default curriculum in our online record keeping system! The revised version of the Scope and Sequence is the result of many years of painstaking analysis of the Montessori tradition to weigh out the age ranges at which the Foundation believes Montessori children should commonly reach major milestones, and develop a language that is performance oriented and understood by traditional educators. It provides a practical tool to help manage curriculum planning, implementation and recording in the Montessori classroom from Infant through Age 12

For US-based schools, the curriculum has been aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  With nearly all 50 states adopting the Common Core Curriculum, it has become imperative that schools begin using a system that makes it possible for Montessori teachers to record student progress in a way that allows schools to analyze student progress against both the Montessori curriculum and the Common Core Curriculum for regional accreditation agencies.  Montessori Compass removes this headache by enabling educators in the classroom to stay focused on what they already know, without the need to worry about standards. Teachers can simply type in a few letters of a lesson or Montessori material and the system will provide a list of learning objectives that are aligned to standards. A single Montessori material may have multiple learning objectives that meet multiple standards. Montessori Compass performs the alignment behind the scenes, giving teachers and schools the ability to run a standards-based report at any time.  *For non-US schools, curriculum can be aligned to meet alternate sets of standards. 

Montessori Compass will also be updating our parent portal with a variety of wonderful resources provided by the Montessori Foundation, designed to help schools to bridge the communication gap between home and school. Resources will include digital editions of Tomorrow’s Child, Montessori Family Life videos on the Montessori Inspired Home and partnership parenting, suggestions for terrific home activities, books, and resources, live webinars for parents and educators, and more. As many schools struggle with high attrition rates in Kindergarten and First Grade, it is vital that schools place increased emphasis on educating parents on the benefits of continuing their child’s Montessori education. Montessori Compass makes it easy to help parents stay engaged throughout the school year and gain greater insight into their child’s Montessori education.

Montessori Compass is thrilled to have an opportunity to collaborate with the Montessori Foundation to provide these exciting new resources to schools around the world. We will be sending out updates to customers as we prepare for the April 1st launch. Any questions, please click here to contact us!