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Simple, No-Hassle Pricing. Starting at $18/Month.

$1.50/student profile per month ($18/student profile per year).
Convenient annual billing. Paper check billing option. Save $3/student profile/year!

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MC Subscription
To obtain an accurate quote, please select at least 12 students (account minimum).
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MC starts at only $21/month (minimum fee), which includes the first 12 student profiles. Each additional student profile is only $1.75/month. For monthly subscribers, the system will automatically calculate your actual usage each month, so you only pay for what you use! For example, 100 actively enrolled students = $175/month. If your enrollment fluctuates the following month, the price will adjust to accurately reflect your current number of students.

For annual subscribers, you simply estimate the # of student profiles you will need and pay up front for the year in exchange for a discounted rate of $18/student profile/year. Annual subscribers are also provided up to 10 bonus student profiles that can be added mid-year, to accommodate enrollment fluctuation. For example, 100 actively enrolled students = $1800/year (a savings of $300/year vs a monthly subscription).