A Prepared (and Paperless) Environment.
Classroom Management

Follow the child – anywhere, anytime! MC is the record keeping system that adapts to the way you work.

School Administration

Save time, money & trees! MC helps bring your school together with a centralized & secure system.

Parent Communication

Don’t settle for being the best-kept secret in town! MC helps bridge the gap between home & school.

World-Class Support

We are passionate about Montessori, just like you! MC was built with love and our team is always happy to help!

Gain perspective with a 360º view of every child in your classroom.

Meaningful insights and real-time information – at your fingertips.

Montessori Record Keeping

Put the clipboards away & record classroom activities from any device!

Classroom Observations

Like having a fresh sheet of paper in your notebook for each child every day!


Start your day off with a cup of coffee and your easiest task of the day!

Activity Reports

Like a sticky note (with super powers) placed in a child’s backpack each day!

Customizable Trackers

Naps, meals, toilet-training, paperwork – track anything, anytime!

Lesson Planning

Flexible planning tools make it easy to create individual work plans for each child!

Custom Student Groups

Custom tags to organize students for academic or administrative purposes!

Progress Reports

Generate customized progress reports and share with parents instantly!

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