New Feature: Batch Record Keeping

New Feature: Batch Record Keeping

Batch Record Keeping is here! Recording many lessons for many students at the same time is now as easy as a few key strokes. We unveiled this feature just moments before the start of the American Montessori Society 2014 Annual Conference last week & received high fives (and some hugs) from many happy MC customers. This handy, time-saving tool is the direct result from customer feedback.

Batch Record Keeping is the quick and easy way in which to document a high volume of lessons at the same time. This will be an invaluable tool for teachers who wish to document classroom activity via paper/pencil during the school day, then enter those records online at the end of the day/week/month.  It also makes it incredibly simple to start using Montessori Compass at any point during the school year.  Have you been considering migrating to MC from an alternate solution but don’t want to lose your data? With Batch Record Keeping, there’s no longer a reason to continue investing time and money into a service that is not meeting all of your needs. Back-dating your records is a breeze and MC’s 7-day customer support and live training will help guide you through the transition.

Step 1: Visit the Daily Dashboard/Record Keeping, choose the “Batch Record Keeping: Record Multiple Lessons for Multiple Students” option, and select a curriuclum category (e.g. Mathematics).

Step 2: You can multi-select as many students as you would like, including selecting by cycle year. If you are back-dating a high volume of records, you may wish to consider starting with your third year students and working your way down to the first year students.  

There is a convenient “Expand All” link at the top of the Sub-Category list which will display ALL lessons in the Scope & Sequence from the selected Category.

You may then multi-select lessons by clicking the check box next to the lesson name.  Alternatively, you may click the “Check All” link at the top of the lesson list.  This will automatically highlight all lessons within the sub-category.  If you make a mistake, you can uncheck lessons individually or “Uncheck All”.

There are 2 limitations when back-dating records in bulk. Since you are recording many lessons for many students at the same time, you need to choose either the “1st element only” or “all elements”.  Elements are measurable learning objectives that are associated with the lesson/material. Some lessons have 1 element, others have several elements. The other limitation is the assessment level.  The same level (as indicated by the assessment stars) must be applied to all lessons.  Once recorded, lessons can be edited at any time.  So you can always make changes to recorded lessons.

Click the “Record Lessons” button and all lessons will be recorded and tagged to the selected student profiles. Wow, that was easy!!