Art, Music, and Movement

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Montessori Scope and Sequence: Art, Music, and Movement


Montessori students are encouraged to express their feelings, experiences, and creativity through art, music and movement. This helps to refine fine motor, gross motor, auditory discrimination, and self expression skills. With these goals in mind, the sequence of lessons and materials is important. The Art, Music, and Movement category is divided into sub-categories that contain lessons sequenced in the order in which they would be introduced for most children in many Montessori classrooms. In addition to exploring different techniques and styles of art, music, and movement, children will also discover famous artists and their works.


The Art, Music, and Movement Scope and Sequence is displayed in the following “online magazine” format. Lessons/Materials are listed on the spreadsheet, sequenced the same as they are in the Montessori Compass online record keeping software. Each lesson/material may contain multiple elements, which are tagged to the appropriate cycle year(s). In some cases, parent-friendly descriptions will be listed, designed to help parents gain greater insight into the Montessori classroom.