ETC Montessori Curriculum

ETC Montessori Curriculum Available in Montessori Compass!

Montessori Compass is excited to announce a new partnership with ETC Montessori, the largest publisher of Montessori curriculum worldwide. Montessori Compass has been selected to be the exclusive online record keeping software provider to host curriculum for ETC customers. As part of a new cooperation set to launch in August 2019, schools utilizing ETC’s curriculum in classrooms ranging from early childhood through middle school will be able to seamlessly access and record those lessons via their Montessori Compass account. In addition, mutual customers of ETC Montessori and Montessori Compass are also eligible to receive exclusive savings on products and services! See details below.

Exclusive Discount for Montessori Compass Customers:

Save 30% on your Next ETC Montessori Curriculum Order!


Save 15% on a New ETC Montessori Classroom Curriculum Solution!


CLICK HERE to visit the ETC Montessori website to request more information.

Exclusive Discount for ETC Montessori Customers:

Save 50% on a New MC Annual Subscription!


Save 15% on an Active MC Annual Subscription Renewal!


  • To be eligible to participate, your school must be an ETC Montessori customer that is currently using ETC curriculum in your classroom(s). School eligibility will be confirmed by ETC Montessori.
  • The 50% discount for the first year of service promotion is only available for eligible ETC Montessori customers that are new Montessori Compass customers.
  • The 15% discount for annual subscription renewals promotion is available for all eligible ETC Montessori / Montessori Compass mutual customers. 
  • Promotions can not be combined with any other special offer or discount.
  • Promotions are available upon request by the school and must be requested at the beginning of a new MC subscription or renewal. Discounts will not be retroactively applied to accounts.
  • Promotions are only available for annual Montessori Compass subscriptions. Current monthly MC subscribers that are also eligible ETC Montessori customers may choose to switch to an annual subscription and receive the 15% renewal promotion.