Invitation to Participate in a University-Based Montessori Teacher Practices Research Study

Invitation to Participate in a University-Based Montessori Teacher Practices Research Study

At Montessori Compass, we are committed to furthering the scientific study of Montessori education. We have been asked to forward this invitation to you at the request of Angela K. Murray, PhD who is an assistant research professor at the University of Kansas and the founding editor of the Journal of Montessori Research. Dr. Murray would like to invite you to participate in a university-based research study on Montessori Teacher Practices. You can be assured that none of your contact or individual school information has been or will be provided to the research team and you can remain completely anonymous if you participate. We hope you will seriously consider the invitation below because your involvement can be a powerful contribution to this work!


This project is designed to understand the diversity of Montessori teacher classroom practices at the Early Childhood and Elementary levels through a brief online survey. The questionnaire simply asks you to tell us about what actually happens in your classroom and should only take 10- 15 minutes to complete. Results will be shared in future Montessori conferences, scholarly journals and/or the Journal of Montessori Research. Your responses are completely confidential and your responses will not be associated with any of your personal information.


This project is made possible by the generous support of Montessori educators like yourself who have volunteered to participate. You are making a valuable contribution to research efforts that are critical to the future of Montessori education. If you have any questions about your participation in this study, please contact Angela Murray at [email protected].


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